I recently had the opportunity to sit in a group and work through some unresolved tension between some of the group members. The method used for relieving the tension was so simple – good communication. Everyone spoke in turn, without interruption. People took their time, there was no rush, there was time to think about… Read More

I had a “time off” crisis this week. We had worked three weekends in a row and have been very busy for the last two months. We work together and often work from home so getting time off or even time alone can be difficult. When I was single I spend quite a lot of… Read More

I only found out this evening that Monsanto has bought up a huge seed company, Seminis, Inc., a leading Vegetable and Fruit Seed Company, making Monsanto the owners of the seed suppliers for 40% of American vegetable seed customers and 20% of the global customer base. That’s pretty scary news and I only found out… Read More

This is in response to a blog entry in Nurtured By Love… It’s difficult for many people to be around anger I think. Is it easy for anyone I wonder? I know that even some people who are used to expressing their own anger can be frightened by the anger being expressed by others, while… Read More