I have been neglecting blogging for a while now and have spent a bit of time tonight browsing though the wonderful web world and found this lovely post, check it out…… Read More

Families can be so complicated, I am sure that it was always thus. Now we have more family than ever, even though the old fashioned extended family has gone by the wayside we now have a new fashioned extended family because we have our in-laws and we now have out-laws. No, I don’t mean Billy… Read More

This post was prompted by Suzan over at Scrub Oak, who posted about some books she is reading at the moment. I thought I would post about the book I am currently reading. The book is called Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs, by Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne. I think it would be a… Read More

Blian NĂșa Shona Dhuit – Happy New Year to you and those you love. My global wish (hey, why not be ambitious?) is that we all learn to prioritise the truly important things in life and concentrate less on the superficial and commercial. I had a lovely break over the Christmas, didn’t even check my… Read More