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  1. Made me smile without the context of hospital walls. Your exquisite photography is enhanced by the captions.

    Sorry I did not remember you are in Ireland (from my response to your comment at my place). Your online name is familiar in a friendly way. Hope you are able to see more thistle in real life soon.

  2. Made me smile! I had a very rough day and you reminded me about the simple beauty of nature. I need to just chill out and think about the bigger picture rather than being in a funk. Did you take these pictures? They are fantastic!

    Thank you for participating in Blog Gems!

    1. Thanks for popping over here Jean and glad to have been able to bring some of natures simple pleasure to you on a rough day.

      Yes, the photos here on the blog are all my own and mostly taken with my mobile phone as that happens to be in my pocket more often than my camera and I am delighted with it’s ability to take such close up shots. I am delighted that you enjoy them 🙂

      As for the Blog Gems – thank you for taking it on and giving Jen a well deserved break.

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