Do You Have a Weighting Scales?

How often do you weigh yourself? Do you only weigh yourself only when you are trying to loose weight or do you weigh yourself regularly even when you are happy with your weight?

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I have weighed myself only four times since I started on this healthier eating journey last October, in fact I don’t even possess a weighting scales! I don’t want to become too focused on how much weight I am loosing or spend my days worrying about whether I lost a pound or a few ounces today.

One of the reasons that I switched to eating Primal or Paleo style food was to loose weight and I am succeeding at a pace that I am happy with. Weight loss was not the only reason that I made some changes to my eating habits, I also changed because it was obvious for quite some time that I had a big problem with sugar. A few years ago I stopped eating biscuits (cookies) and I stayed off them since then, however that didn’t stop me from eating cheesecakes or fruit trifles, mince pies with brandy butter etc – you get the general picture.

There is some history of diabetes in my family, also heart attack and stroke so as I got older I also became more aware of the health impacts of being overweight and having unhealthy eating habits. I only ate sweet treats once or twice a week, most of the time I ate what I thought was really healthy food – organic oat porridge for breakfast made with organic soya milk, rice most evenings with vegetables, sometimes accompanied with meat or fish and I often had a big salad with brown soda bread (traditional Irish brown wholemeal bread) for lunch. I rarely ate processed or junk food and still the weight piled on and I could not seem to shift it until I stopped eating grains and sugar.

This weekend I visited a weighting scales again and found that I have lost more weight. I have also dropped 2 pant sizes since last October, I am now wearing a size 16 jeans and will soon be donating my old size 20 to the charity shop. I am not going on a shopping spree yet, I will lose more weight and so I can wait for another while before I buy lots of clothes. For now I am happy to be wearing a pair of my old linen pants that have been hanging in the wardrobe for over four years because they didn’t fit me – and now they do!

As the weather improves I will be getting more active outdoors and expect my body shape to change even more. I am hoping to enjoy the outdoors even more this summer and will be delighted to wear an old (discarded because it was too small) wetsuit when I go snorkeling this summer.

If you know anyone who needs a large pair of jeans let me know – I will happily post them 🙂

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