Happy Sunday

Sometimes when you work at home one day can blend into the next without you noticing.

To make today, being Sunday, a little different we had a late breakfast of buckwheat pancakes. Sorry that I don’t have a yummylicious photograph however none of the pancakes lasted long enough to photographed!

I found a basic pancake recipe and substituted 300 gr buckwheat flour for normal flour, 2 organic eggs, 300ml soya milk, 100ml water and a spoon of organic sunflower oil. Half of the pancake batch was cooked as plain pancakes.

However half of the batch was played with a little. I mashed up two soft organic bananas with a fork and added the pancake mix to the mashed bananas, little by little, until it was all mixed together.

They were all cooked on our small cast iron pan with Irish organic butter.

The plain pancakes were delicious with a little organic Irish natural yoghurt and home-made blackcurrant jam (a gift from a a visitor). The banana pancakes were a real winner too, a little thicker, quite fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. We ate them with nothing on them – a great breakfast for a hard working day! We will definitely have them again!

The butter and yoghourt are all from Glenisk, an Irish family run dairy company. I won’t use any dairy produce from any country other than Ireland because some years ago I saw a map of Europe with incinerators marked on it.

Incinerators leave dioxins in the surrounding area, usually they settle onto the ground and if that ground is grassland being eaten by cows then the dioxins move up the food chain, becoming more concentrated in animal fat as they go. So it’s Irish cheese, yoghurt, butter and milk for me!

Healthier for me and for the economy…

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