And the Winner Is…

The Booby Prize for Packaging Waste goes to O2.

We became fed up with the coverage of the Vodafone mobile broadband modem, we had become quite frustrated with the intermittent coverage that we had changed over to O2 and got one of their little modems instead. I have to admit that we are very satisfied with the coverage and glad that we changed.

Recently we needed another modem for a guest that was staying and for my use when I travel by myself that we unlocked it the unused vodafone modem and ordered an O2 mobile modem sim card to use with it instead.

Yesterday a small box came in the post and we wondered what it could be, we weren’t expecting anything, we hadn’t ordered anything big enough for a box.

Imagine our surprise on opening it…..

Open the box to find...
an itty bitty sim card

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  1. Nice to meet you, Scríbhneoir, and I admire your way of life. A few counties away from you, I’m running behind you in self-sufficiency. We bought an old house and plan to gradually change to solar power and a wind turbine, and not rely so much on the national systems.

    (Yes, that box is ridiculous.)

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