Good Morning

Good morning and I really mean – good, glorious, beautiful, calming, dreaming morning! For the second time this week I have treated to early morning sight of the sun coming up in a blue-ing sky and the mist hanging in pockets down in the lowlands.

This is a beauteous sight that those of us lucky enough to live on hills in this part of the country regularly see at this time of year and throughout the winter. We see the mist sit in little strips, then it sometimes swirls and swells and drifts across to cover more land, at times it fills so much of the valleys that it looks like an ocean, all we can see standing proud are the forest tops which look like islands in this swirling sea of mist.

There will be days in the coming months when we have gorgeous autumn and winter sunshine all day from sunrise and when we go down town to get some shopping we find sad, cold townspeople who have had a miserable grey day while we have basked in seasonal warmth and good cheer. Of course we don’t always get it our way! There will also be days when we cannot see the bottom of the garden because we are in the clouds – I guess it’s only fair!

I love this time of year, it often feels as though Mother Earth is pulling around her shoulders a silken grey wrap to keep her warm for the coming months, snuggling up for the rest that she needs.

I have always loved the idea of hibernation, when I was young I used to think that those creatures that hibernate really had it all figured out. It’s not as though I would like to sleep through but I do love the notion of taking it easier, relaxing with a good read, getting back into knitting and rug-making, taking more reflective time, slowing down.

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